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UCSniff Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to all of the developers, contributors, and authors of Ettercap. Ettercap is simply an awesome security tool. We re-used the ARP Poisoning, dissector design, and re-direction capabilities of Ettercap within UCSniff.


UCSniff is beta software. We can't be responsible for anything that goes wrong. Make sure you have permission from the network owners before running this tool. Make sure you check with your local laws before running this tool. Unauthorized Eavesdropping can land you in trouble if you don't follow the rules and law. This tool is only intended to be a proof of concept demonstration tool for authorized security testing. Since UCSniff is still in beta status, we are looking for your help. There are a lot more bugs that need to be worked out, and we are committed to fixing them. So please drop us a message with information on how to re-create the problem.